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Here are a few words from satisfied clients…

I have only known Brenda for a few years, but in that short time, she has changed my life.  I was instantly drawn to her when I first met her and we became friends quickly.  She always seems to know more about me than I know about myself.  Brenda introduced me to the world of reiki and has taught me how to use my self awareness to improve my life in all ways.  She has also introduced me to a whole world of spirituality that I did not know existed.   Brenda’s readings are spot on.  If you are searching for answers, my friend Brenda is definitely the one to call.

Christine L.

I’ve been to Brenda many times for both reiki healing and tarot card readings, and it has always been a fantastic experience.  Her personality is warm and welcoming, and just being around her is healing. The readings I have had were very accurate for what was going on in my life and uplifting and positive. Brenda’s reiki energy is amazing…just being in her presence instantly makes me feel better and relaxed. She truly works from her heart and it shows. I’ve referred several friends and to her and nobody has ever been less than thrilled with her. I would highly recommend seeing Brenda for readings or healing modalities!

Bridget B.

Brenda, what can I say about you? 

So many things come to mind.
The real deal.  Consistent steadfast & calming. Smart, intuitive & gentle while always telling the truth. That is not an easy balance to achieve. You have been correct in so many matters even when I have laughed & doubted you! You have guided me in the right direction always. I have much confidence in you.  I really appreciate the wonderful caring soul you have! Thank you for the insight!

Love & light,Jennifer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brenda on quite a few paranormal investigations over the years. Brenda is very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor to boot (that’s important). She really has a good understanding of how it all works and is very much “in tune” with the spirit world.

Wayne V.

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